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List of services and packages


Interior Detailing

A clean interior increases productivity and maintains the health of those who use the car. It also increases the feeling of appreciation for the car.

Exterior Detailing

Now your car can look like new! Get rid of scratches, spider webs, bitumen, body resin or weathering.

Engine Detailing

In order to keep your engine running, in addition to overhauling and replacing the necessary ones, it is recommended to keep the engine clean.


Get rid of the unpleasant smell from your car! Chemical and ultrasonic disinfection, based on antibiotics (virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal effect);

Packages and prices

Complete Interior Detailing STANDARD

2 day • from 550 lei (the price can increase slightly if the car is very dirty).

Every element inside the car will be cleaned, disinfected and protected. So it is cleaned: ceiling, pillars, door faces, headrests, armrests, chairs, bench, carpet, trunk, glove box, dashboard, etc.

Complete Interior Detailing SUPREME

2 days • from 800 Lei

Complete interior detailing; – Textile anti-dirt nanoprotection; – Long-lasting protection – liquid glass (SiO2) for skin; – Chemical and ultrasonic disinfection system. conditioning.

Liquid Glass Protection (SiO2) for Leather

6 hours • from 400 Lei (the latest leather protection technology)

-Anti-dirt protection; -UV protection -Rejects water, oils and other liquids; -Keep the look fresh; -Decreases the friction force, which means a lower degree of wear in the future.

Application of Ceramic Protection for Varnish

12 hours • from 800 Lei, in two layers, by spraying;

This service complements the exterior detailing, offering high protection against contaminants, residues, etc. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy an extraordinary mirror-like luster.

POLISHING Varnish (gloss only)

Variable duration • from 500 Lei

Thorough washing; -Decontamination with clay; -Polish varnish (not to be confused with the varnish correction procedure, a procedure that eliminates scratches) The purpose of the service is to make the car shine!

Exterior Engine Detailing

3 hours • from 150 Lei (detailed cleaning of the engine, without water under pressure)

We will carefully clean and protect the outside of your engine, down to the smallest storm. Therefore, we will use: tornado, brushes, toothbrushes, professional degreasers, etc.

Disinfection Air Conditioning & Air Route

1 hour • 150 Lei

Get rid of the unpleasant smell when you turn on the ventilation! We chemically and ultrasound disinfect the air conditioning system, the air route (based on antibiotics). Destroy bacteria, fungi, fungi, viruses!

HYDROPHOBIC Windshield and Window Treatment

1 hour • from 100 Lei

Rejects rain, snow, sleet, providing remarkable visibility; -During frost, the frozen surface will be much smaller; -Reduces the glow effect in rainy conditions.

Reconditioning Headlights + Liquid Glass

2 hours • from 150 Lei

We recondition the exterior appearance of the headlights, ensuring your visibility in traffic. Now at prices starting from 150 lei. We also apply protection based on liquid glass.

Reconditioning / Polishing Windshield

5 hours • from 200 Lei

Windshield polishing involves the elimination of fine scratches, traces of wiping due to wipers and the elimination of the “spider web” effect. -depatching, degreasing, polishing

DISPLAY reconditioning

1 hour • 100 Lei

Elimination of fine scratches and traces of matting; -Application of ceramic protection;

Leather Maintenance + Leather Treatment

4 hours • from 300 Lei

Degreasing and cleaning of all elements composed of leather; Hydration with conditioner; Application of an anti-impregnation and anti-friction treatment;

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